Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment

We can advise you on the best options for Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment in South Africa.
Contact me regarding portable and fixed Equipment Available through Colon Care™ @ Jane Boyle

Locally manufactured Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment is now available. Manufactured in South Africa, means local backup.

Hydrotherapy Technologies Equipment is made in Durban. Local manufacture means local after-sales support as well as a much cheaper price. The equipment is of a high standard with ALL the safety features of the MOST expensive imported device.

Price is R75 000. lead time is 6 weeks after payment as these are individually made to order.

  1. Smart modern streamlined design
  2. Easily moveable, portable with carrying handle
  3. Two-stage Water Filtration & UV light sterilization
  4. Temperature Control and Temperature Gauge
  5. Pressure in the colon gauge
  6. Flow meter and control valves
  7. Illuminated Viewing tube
  8. Viewing Tube Flushing facility

Colon Hydrotherapy Professional Equipment   Colon-Care-South-Africa-professional-colon-equipment

Safety features:

  1. Closed system Equipment
  2. Limited to 2psi (Two pounds per square inch) in the colon.
  3. Any pressure higher than that in the colon it diverts to the waste
  4. Temperature safety feature if there is any malfunction with the water i.e.the cold water supply is interrupted, the device shuts down.

This device is "Portable"
As with all portable equipment plumbing and filtration must be set up at each individual location.

This closed system Equipment for use with disposable treatment kits only.
Plumbing is to Hydrotherapy Technologies specifications.

These units are a specialised item and manufactured individually, delivery time is 6 weeks after payment.

Please email any questions to Jane Boyle.