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Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Tracy Boyle

Tracy Boyle has always had an interest in health and has a passion for people. Her previous work in the wellness industry  gave her an insight into the advantage of using a natural approach to health and in particular when it comes to bowel health.

This naturally led her to want to join her mother, Jane Boyle, in the family business Colon Care™ South Africa. Her kind and caring nature and her extraordinary ability to put people at ease, together with her drive to be excellent at her work makes her an excellent therapist.

Tracy is RICTAT trained and certified therapist and stands shoulder to shoulder with the best therapists worldwide.

Awards:    International Certificate Affiliation with RICTAT

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Success Stories and Testimonials

Qualified Biokinetisist...

"I am a qualified Biokinetisist and like to think I live a very healthy life. I am a competitive runner, love yoga and any form of exercise really. I love cooking and making healthy food. Although with all these "healthy boxes" i tick I had been battling with my stomach for quite some time. Stomach ache, constipation and just being generally uncomfortable. I have tried and changed many things in my diet trying to figure out what i could do to help my stomach.  I stopped eating red meat, chicken and follow a pesceterian diet and took a probiotic and digestive enzyme religiously. This definitely helped things and made me more regular but i always felt quite sore and bloated higher up in my gut, like just below my sternum.

A friend of mine told me about colonics and how they helped her and recommended I go to Tracy.

I hesitantly booked an appointment with Tracy...Luckily my friend told me what to expect. I was quite nervous but Tracy made me feel so comfortable and spoke me through the whole thing. Its a really relaxing, clean, hygenic and private environment. It was quite an experience but WOW did i feel allot better, even just after the first one.....Tracy recommends 5 sessions.....I went to all five and its been life changing for me. I don't have that upper bloated tummy any more, I go to the toilet regularly and don't suffer from so much stomach ache any more. Tracy has also recommended some great products to take, she has a great juice recipe which keeps you regular as well.

As a runner, its also pretty good in hydrating your gut and replacing electrolytes you have lost during a long and tough race. She uses green vibrance which also helps with recovery and keeps the immune system strong.

I go once every 4-5 weeks as a maintenance program.

Thanks Tracy for all your help and advice."

- Durban North Patient


Extremely Pleased...

I have being researching Colon hydrotherapy and really meaning to give it a try but was very sceptical  … firstly because we all think about our butts being exposed and you worry about the smell of your poopie … well … I’m extremely pleased to say, that this was not the case when I had my sessions with Tracy.

Firstly, Tracy is extremely professional and from the very first telephone and email communication, you can hear that she prides herself in what she does and completely understands where her clients are coming from.  She gave me total peace of mind and guided me through the entire process.

On our first meeting, I was immediately put at ease with Tracy’s passionate care and the time she took to soothe me and explain everything from start to finish.

Let me give you a little background on myself. 

From a little girl I suffered with constipation. Eventually in my late teens/early 20’s my doctor diagnosed me with “LBS – Lazy Bowel Syndrome”.  I struggled to use the toilet and considered myself lucky if I had a bowel movement twice a week!  I realized soon enough that this was not normal and had to live on Movicol, prunes, bran and lots of water … which slightly improved my movement but that would soon change if I ate anything else ie bread, pasta.

I gained weight, felt sluggish all the time, suffered from chronic headaches and was lethargic and run down for the best part of my day.  Until I tried the Colon Hydrotherapy with Tracy.

 I followed her advise, drank the beet-juice, had my warm water and lemon everyday (and for the rest of my life).  She advised me on how to make time to train my ‘bowels’ and to realize that my thoughts are all linked to my gut.  Her Beauty Breakfast is my ‘everyday first meal’ and I throw in fresh prunes which I totally enjoy and have changed my diet from eating red meat 5 times a week, to once a week with more fish and chicken.

My actual hydrotherapy took place over a period of 5 days – I was comfortable enough to have my sessions during my lunch break and went back to the office as normal.  I was totally amazed at how much ‘build-up’ a person has and after the 1st session, already felt totally amazing.  What blew me out of the water was the Spirulina flush – I was coming down with the flu and after Tracy flushed out my colon with the spirulina, the next day, I was totally feeing better – no Flu!

I would highly recommend having the hydrotherapy done, for EVERYBODY, not just people that suffer from chronic constipation – everybody should have the toxins that build up in your colon over many years, cleaned away on a regular basis.  It’s completely safe and your bowel movements are improved, your vitality increases considerably and your overall well being really improves and I lost 3.6 KGS!

If you want a clean start to your digestive system, a healthier body, a total detoxification and a renewing of your mind and colon – then this is the way to go.  Please don’t think that if you take laxatives, castor oil or any other herbal medication that you will receive the same benefits – that is just not the case.  I’ve lived on other forms of laxatives and tried to detox on my own – the results are considerably variable – so don’t procrastinate the way I did – give Tracy a call and make your booking – it’s the best investment that you can give yourself.

Thank you totally Tracy for everything – your warm check ups on me via watsapp from time to time is greatly appreciated – I tell everybody about you and the help that you provide people.  I’m not embarressed to talk about the difference you have made in my life because I might just be saving somebody who is suffering the way I did.

You will be seeing me soon! 

 - Durban North Patient